Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.

Being able to work and live in their favorite vacation destination led the Nerland Family to “Get Hooked for Life” in Lake of the Woods.

Eric and Lindsey Nerland commute to their jobs every morning. But no longer are they fighting traffic while driving to a downtown office, now they simply log on to the internet from their home office and they are ready to work. From there, thanks to their Internet connection, they telecommute to their jobs in the Twin Cities and California.

Eric, Lindsay, and their children Owen (3), and Nels (1) Nerland moved to Graceton in May 2017. Eric, who is from Moorhead originally, spent his childhood as a visitor to the Lake of the Woods region and after meeting Lindsay at college, he introduced her to the area. Both grew to love the area through their shared experiences at Lake of the Woods.

Before moving to Lake of the Woods, the Nerlands professional lives took them to East Lansing Michigan, Minneapolis and Moorhead. While both of their jobs allowed them to work where there was appropriate cell/internet coverage, the real catalyst for moving here was finding the ideal setting in which to raise a family.

“Honestly, our jobs allowed us to live wherever, but what drew us here was the idyllic setting to raise a family. We love that we get to be involved in a comfortable and quaint small town…”

After moving to Lake of the Woods County, the Nerland’s discovered that Lake of the Woods isn’t just a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s an excellent place to do business. Seeing a need in the area, the Nerland’s opened Lake of the Woods Kennel Co, a dog kennel/grooming business at their farm in Graceton.

“The Lake of the Woods Kennel Co. business has allowed us to get to know a broader base of people and connect with individuals throughout the community. Most importantly though is the opportunity it has brought us to get to work with a smart and driven group of people, we have an awesome team!”

With businesses at the Kennel Co. thriving, the Nerland’s are now onto their next project a local microbrewery! The Nerland’s farm already has appropriate buildings on-site for a proper microbrewery and Eric saw a great opportunity to provide the region with handmade local craft beer. The brewery is planning on opening in the winter of 2018. By years end look for a pint of Lake of the Woods Brewing Co. beer at your favorite Lake of the Woods restaurant and bar.

The Nerland’s advice for anyone considering starting a business in Lake of the Woods:

“Take a good look at key statistics and start having conversations with locals about your ideas. It doesn’t take long to understand that there is a lot of room and support for the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive here.”

Lake of the Woods Kennel Co. is located at 983, 50th Ave NW, Baudette, MN 56623. Find them on Facebook at

Stay tuned for more information about Lake of the Woods Brewing Company!


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