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Welcome to the Economic Development Lake of the Woods website. Lake of the Woods County isn’t just a great place to fish, hunt and enjoy the great outdoors, it’s an excellent place to do business. Not only is there a steady flow of visitors, there is a thriving local economy that boasts an educated workforce, world-class technology and an abundance of resources for those interested in opening, relocating or expanding a business.

Companies located in Lake of the Woods County enjoy access to a robust set of lending options, including three revolving loan funds. These programs were developed to give local businesses a strategic advantage with regards to financing. Loans – including those of a significant magnitude – can be arranged and approved right here by combining the resources of these loan funds, local banks and area economic development groups. Financing is put together with both the business’s and the local economy’s best interests in mind.

In addition, Lake of the Woods County also features a local Industrial Development Committee. This organization’s sole focus is on successfully matching businesses with facilities and property, whether they are new or existing, for sale or for lease. The quality of this area’s human capital is also unique. With high levels of education and low absenteeism, companies often discover that offices in Lake of the Woods County offer welcome relief from the HR challenges presented by much of the United States.

To put all of these powerful tools together for your business, Lake of the Woods County employs a dedicated economic development professional. Lucas Wakefield is both experienced and passionate about the future of Lake of the Woods County. Contact Lucas at (701) 351-3967 or email him at