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NEWMAN_PRINT Baudette Community Action Plan

The Lake of the Woods Economic Development Authority (LOW EDA) applied for and received a grant from the Blandin Foundation to establish a strategic framework for promoting business development, workforce training and retention, and entrepreneurship within Baudette, Minnesota. With an understanding that no strategic vision can surmount the challenges facing our community without the commitment to action and diligent efforts of its citizens, the LOW EDA invited Strong Towns – a Minnesota-based non-profit which focuses on building sustainable, long term change in communities – to present the Strong Towns philosophy to the public in Baudette. The Strong Towns presentation was very well-received and attended. This event also served as a kick-off for a ground-up series of community meetings to determine where the needs are and how the community can work together to improve Baudette’s economy and prosperity.

The result of the meetings that followed is the Baudette Community Action Plan – meant to be a set of pragmatic, achievable, and sustainable action-steps which the community can incorporate immediately into its day-to-day activities. We believe that this whole-of-community approach to supporting our businesses, strengthening our spirit of entrepreneurship, and building a culture of collectively working to resolve the challenges we face and to capitalize on opportunities for growth and prosperity will ensure a brighter future for the City of Baudette. These action steps were divided into three broad tiers”

Tier 1: Action steps which motivated members of the community can take to help support Baudette’s economy and business climate.

Tier 2: Action steps which the community, through collective action and the resources of stakeholder entities across the local community could, through concerted effort, achieve to enhance our community’s prospects.

Tier 3: Action steps which would require additional financial and/or human capital from outside of Baudette and its local stakeholders to achieve. Namely, steps we hope to accomplish through the pursuit of state, regional, and federal support.

You're Invited to Learn More

We want to invite you to join the Headwaters Regional Development Commission (HRDC) and the Lake of the Woods Economic Development Authority (LOW EDA) for dinner and a presentation of the Community Action Plan developed by members of the Baudette Community! This action plan was formed through a series of community meetings that focused around ways in which Baudette’s community can work together to improve Baudette’s economy and prosperity. 

Please RSVP as soon as possible to attend the dinner from 6-8pm, on February 8th, at the American Legion in Baudette. See the attached flyer for details of this community event, and RSVP using the link below, or by email.




For more background information on how this Community Action Plan came together please reach out to Sami Trana at