According to an article posted on Jan. 3, 2016 in the Duluth News Tribute, the AARP ranks Minnesota as best state to retire in and we couldn’t agree more.

According to the organization, Minnesota has far and away the most senior housing units per elderly resident in the country: 125 housing units per 1,000 older adults, compared to the national median of 27. The next-highest state is Wisconsin, with 58 units per 1,000 older adults.

In fact, AARP rated Minnesota the top state in the country on its 2014 scorecard of “services and support for older residents” (Kentucky and Alabama scored worst).

It was the only state to rank in the top quartile for all five categories AARP measured, including affordability, choice of setting and provider, quality of life and care, support for family caregivers and “effective transitions,” meaning the ability to move someone from a nursing home back into the community.

Minnesota scored first in the nation in two of those categories: choice of setting and provider, and quality of life and care.

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