News Release: MNDNR, September 19, 2016

Take a Kid Hunting Weekend is Sept. 24-25

Small game hunting is the focus of Take a Kid Hunting Weekend this Saturday, Sept. 24, and Sunday, Sept. 25, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

During the weekend, adult Minnesota residents accompanied by a youth under age 16 can hunt small game without a license, but must comply with open seasons, limits and other regulations.

“Making sure youth have a good experience is a big part of this weekend,” said Mike Kurre, DNR mentoring program coordinator. “With the focus on the youth, the whole experience becomes important, everything from spotting animal tracks or a bee hive in a tree to hunting safely and having fun.”

Adults can help youth have a good experience by listening to what youth need, and together they can learn the lessons of the forests and fields, added Kurre.

“Having an adult continue over the years to mentor a young hunter is extremely important in helping that hunter continue the pursuit as an adult,” he said.

For more information on small game hunting and hunting regulations, see the MN DRN hunting webpage.

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