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After growing up and attending college in Illinois, Danielle Abel came to Baudette in 2007 with her husband Nick, who had accepted a DNR position as a forester. At first, the move to Lake of the Woods was a bit of a culture shock to the couple from Illinois.  The couple only planned on staying until Nick could find a transfer to a larger community, but after a few months into their stay, they found themselves falling in love with the tight-knit community.

“We loved how well we were able to get to know our neighbors and friends and that they were generally invested in our lives. Shortly after moving to the area, someone sent us a letter addressed to Nick and Daniele Abel and forgot the address, and the letter still was delivered to our house! We couldn’t believe that the post office would not only know where to deliver it but put in the effort to make sure it got to us. I think that shows just how close the community is.”

Now 14 years later, Nick and Danielle live on an 80-acre homestead 12 minutes outside of Baudette, where they raise their two children, Claire (7) and Tim (4). When not at work or school, the Abel family enjoys being active outdoors and spending time with friends.

Nick and Danielle Abel

In the summer of 2020, Danielle began looking for ways to use her background as a Registered Nurse, certified personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, healthcare informatics experience, and personal wellness journey to help people build new habits towards a healthier lifestyle. Over the next several months, the ideas continued to evolve. On April 1, 2021, she launched Soul Soar Integrative Wellness, a virtual health and wellness coaching business designed using a telehealth model of care. She also leverages an eCommerce (online) based business model, giving her the ability to help clients from anywhere in the world.

Soul Soar provides 1 on 1 health and wellness coaching in addition to personal training, using an evidence-based and client-centered approach. She recommends interventions based upon what her clients tell her are their health and wellness goals. Danielle coaches her clients on many different health and wellness topics, including nutrition, menu planning, and exercise, with considerations related to lifestyle factors and the development of a resilient mindset.

“My philosophy for Soul Soar is to simplify the science of exercise and nutrition and create personalized plans for clients.  There’s not a 1 size fits all approach to wellness because there are so many unique client considerations, whether it be diet, physical limitations, or even financial issues.”

Soul Soar Integrative Wellness,

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