Over the last few months, you may have seen our series of videos featuring stories of local residents and life in Lake of the Woods County. We were very fortunate to have some great aerial shots in our videos that were provided by Fish Flys, an aerial photography and videography company located right here in Lake of the Woods! This month we wanted to spotlight Fish Flys and tell you more about owner Daniel Fish’s story. 

Daniel Fish is originally from the Lake of the Woods area and graduated from Warroad High School in 2003. After graduation Daniel left for 10 years to attend college and work in North Dakota Spent five years in Grand Forks attending the university, one year working in Fargo and five years working in Bismarck. Despite an advancing career, something was missing and Daniel and his wife Brittany decided to move back to Lake of the Woods. 

“Lake of the Woods has always been home to me.  I have family that was born, raised, and still lives in the area.  When I was little riding my bike in the streets of Roosevelt, I always felt safe.  There were always neighbor kids riding together and everyone always looked out for each other.  That’s something I want my kids to experience.”

Upon moving home Daniel worked for Lake of the Woods County and Electric Cooperative, but a love of technology and appreciation for the community inspired Daniel to start a side business providing clients with aerial photography and videography services. Founded in 2017, Fish Flys specializes in aerial photography and videography of home/event/cabin/land from the air.  Other services provided include ground photos/videos, video production for events, real estate, weddings, advertisements, stock footage.

While a full-time job, his business, and a young family keeps him busy, Daniel and his wife Brittany both enjoy the plentiful outdoor recreation opportunities Lake of the Woods provides. His advice for anyone considering Lake of the Woods? 

“Take the leap. Come up and see what the area is really like.  Visiting is one thing, but living here, becoming part of the community, has a sense of belonging. “

To find out more about Fish Flys, or to inquire about service check out www.fishflys.com or find it on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/FishFlys Instagram: @fish_flys, or Email Daniel, daniel@fishflys.com.

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